Brief aus dem Kriegsgebiet

Dear Brothers!

We are infinitely grateful for your help and sacrifice so far. It is not an exaggeration to say that you are the closest to us, the ones who have always been „open ears” for our asks and have played perhaps the most important role in our survival. Unfortunately, we are increasingly dependent on your help. As a result of Russian aggression, although we are not engaged in hostilities, we are also fighting every day to survive. The electricity supply is cut off for hours and days. The Diaconal Centre is saved by an industrial generator received from the Netherlands in the 1990s. It is also very noisy and consumes a lot of fuel, but at least we have the possibility to work. A generator has also been installed at the Home for the Elderly, which requires 24-hour supervision, as there was a near-fatal accident last night.

However, the situation is not so good in the 108 congregations of the TRC, Reformed lyceums, schools and kindergartens. There are constant air raids when children should be in cold, dark basements due to lack of electricity. The situation is similar in hospitals.

It is so sad that we are so dependent on help. In fact, it’s embarrassing for us and we’re ashamed that we keep asking. We feel that you really take our plight to heart and are actually doing something to make the situation a little easier.

We pray and sincerely hope that, with the help of our Lord and our generous supporters, we can be saved.

With winter approaching, in the current situation, it is very much needed:

– generators

– uninterrupters

– warm clothing and underwear

– food.

But we are grateful for all the help and the encouragement that we area feeling from you continously.

We ask God’s abundant blessing on your life and ministry!

Enclosed please find the short report about the X-ray dress, sent by you.

With best regards,

Béla Nagy managing director


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